Saturday, June 27, 2015

Septiembre 29, 2014

Things are going really well in the Camarones area of Mexico City West. This week by Wednesday, we had over 20 people committed to go to Church, but the night before we heard about 5 of the people (all in one family) say they could not go for dumb excuses. We eventually got it out of them that they did not want to go because they are Catholic. The other 3 or 4 from the family just ended up not showing up. And then 4 or 5 said that would show up for sure, but they ended up not coming. It was quite sad. We still had 5 go to church, and 2 for the first time which was good. The 2 new people though were a miracle that Elder Goodrich had contacted in the street before I got here, and they finally came to church! It seems like they will be some solid investigators. We do have 3 baptisms for Conference weekend though who are named Pedro, Juan, and Arturo. They all are looking real good for baptism. We had a baptism planned for Sunday, but unfortunately she could not give up smoking. She now has to wait for the 12th of October. 

We did talk to a man at lunch one day who was not a member. We kind of gave him a lesson with the member family giving us lunch, but we then found out that he does not believe in the Old Testament, but he believes in the new one. Quite strange I know. When he said this, Elder Goodrich and I just looked at each other puzzled. I know that people believe in the Old and not the new, but not the other way around. 

Our goal for this week is to have 100 contacts per each area in our zone. It will be tough, but we can get it. I am also excited to bring investigators to conference weekend because of the powerful talks, and all the English speaking companionships are seeing if we can somehow watch in a room by ourselves in English. Elder Goodrich says he had conference his second transfer, and conference was not super enjoyable. The English is also much more poetic. So, I hope that pans out. 

Spanish is coming more and more each week, but it is still hard at times. Elder Goodrich and the Zone leaders have just told me that once you get over the hump, it is so much more rewarding. I am excited to see this because I already think it is great! Haha. Well that is my update for this week! Hope everyone is all doing really well!

Elder Andrews

Elder Goodrich (Nate's trainer, father of the mission, and first companion)

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