Saturday, June 27, 2015

27 Abril, 2015

Well it was a crazy week here in El Mirador, but we will get to the happy ending. 

To start the week we had a zone conference which was pretty intimidating. Our zone leaders basically said if we do not baptize we are disobedient sinners and should pray until we cry for forgiveness. Sounds hard, but that is how it was. So that obviously ignited a fire to baptize this week.

We had been trying to get the Martinez Family married and baptized, and we had finally convinced them last Saturday to do it. We were scrambling a ton to go to Lerma, a place 3 hours away, to get the marriage papers to the judge and finalize everything. We had to go two days to get everything correct. We had been praying and trusting in the Lord that He would provide us the way to baptize this week. 

We were originally going to do the marriage at 2:30 on Saturday, but when we went to their house on Friday night, he said that he was not able to get that day of work off. So he could not leave work until 4. We immediately left and ran outside to find a payphone to call the judge to change the time, but I was nervous that he would not be able to do it. Luckily, he said sure, and prayers were answered. However, immediately my companion has an unbearable pain in his side where his appendix is and says that he has never felt such a bad pain. I was calling the doctor and he said if it does not go away in an hour that we should go to the hospital. Right as I was calling a taxi, he threw up a ton and felt a lot better. We immediately went with the Martinez Family and fixed everything, so that they could get married at 7. 

The next day we did interchanges with our district leader so that he could go with my companion and two other mexican elders to be witnesses of the marriage. The were supposed to be there at 7, and I got a call from them at 7 when I was with another Elder taking an hermana to the stake conference on Saturday night. They then tell me there in that call that they were 40 mintues away with the future wife and the kids while the future husband was at the civil marriage place (I do not know how to say registro civil in english) already with the two other elders. Luckily the judge waited, but I was scared that something had gone wrong until they called me at 9:30 that they had gotten married. 

The Sunday was the first baptism that I had had in a long time, but it was great. It is amazing how the Gospel can change a family like that that was searching for answers but did not know where to find them. My testimony is most strong in eternal families, and I know that all of us can find miracles like this (because this was nothing short of a miracle from God) if we share the Gospel with everyone.

I love you all very much, and I hope you all have a great rest of your week.

Elder Andrews 

Fun with the Martinez kids!

La familia Martinez

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