Saturday, June 27, 2015

16 Febrero, 2015

So things have not changed a whole lot in Culturas, but we are actually starting to find a little bit of success. The Hernandez Vega family went to church. Well, everyone went except the day. We are really looking to baptize them this week, so please keep Mary, Jessi, and Paulina in your prayers. They are a great Christian family and really are a great example of a functioning family that lives how they should and are only missing the Gospel.

We also had special interchanges this week. We were at a district meeting, but in the same building there were other district meetings. At the end, we had a little half zone meeting with one of the zone leaders. At the end of that, he said we were having special interchanges where companionships split up and go with another mission. Guess who I got paired up with? Elder Nielson from my district in the MTC! Could not really believe it, but we had a great time working together and it really was a fun time. We also found 2 families while contacting! At the end of the day to celebrate something that would probably never happen again, we got two pizzas delivered to the apartment for about 8 dolllars. Mexico is a great place to be if you are seeking cheap food haha. 

Besides that, we have found a couple new families here which are potential baptisms in March because the mission goal is 500 baptisms in the mission in a month. We are trying hard to reach this hard but amazing goal.  

Hope everyone is doing great, and I love you all.

Elder Andrews

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