Saturday, June 27, 2015

8 Deciembre, 2014

My last week in my first area was really kind of sad but also went well. First off, it went well because Elder Piñeyro and I found a family that seems quite promising in the future, so I hope it pans out. The only sad part though is that I was  told Saturday night that I am leaving the area. Saying goodbye to the people that I baptized was quite hard. Fausta, like my Mexican Grandmother, was crying pretty hard, and I felt really bad. However, I know that Elder Piñyero will take care of her and her grandkid. So that was hard. But also, Anthuan, the young kid that we always take everywhere was super sad. It was super depressing because I am going to miss that kid a lot. He has my name on Xbox live so all is good when I go home haha.

The Christmas devotional was really good, and I was glad to have the opportunity to go see it. If you have not seen it, go do it because you will enjoy it. 

Something that we are sharing as missionaries right now are pass along cards with "El es la dádiva" on them which means that "He is the gift." There are three things that we need to do. 1. Discover the gift. 2. Accept the gift. 3. Share the gift. As missionaries, we are in the process of sharing this gift. However, we continually need to discover and accept the gift of Jesus Christ in our lives. This is soooooo important right now because during Christmas we all are caught up in presents and spending money when we really need to spend time thanking our Heavenly Father for Christ. There is also a video that goes with this pass along card that has a great message about the gift of Jesus Christ that you should all see. I know that as we apply this gift in our lives, we will become happier and happier people. 

My new companion is Elder Martinez and I am in Jalalpa of the stake of Tacubaya! It should be fun!

Love all of you guys, and I hope the start of the Christmas season is a great one.

Elder Andrews

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