Saturday, June 27, 2015

1 Deciembre, 2014

We had a baptism this week! It was actually kind of a miracle in a way, but we are not complaining. So the grandson, Raul, of Fausta, our recent convert, did not believe in God when Elder Goodrich and I first met him. However, we had been working with him a lot the past couple weeks and this week he said to his grandma, I am going to get baptized! It was kind of a surprise, and Fausta was super happy because she is practically the only one in her whole family that believes in God. It was amazing to see this change in Raul.

Besides that, we did a lot of searching this week, but for some reason the people in this area do not want to listen a lot of the time. The days feel long, but the week surprisingly went by really fast. It is kind of weird to think that there is only one week left in this change! However, we are searching a lot to find people that could be baptized in the month of December because right now there are not really any potential people. I have faith that we will find some miracles this week though.

As far as the Spanish goes, it is still frustrating at times, but I can see that it is almost to the point where I will be able to understand pretty much everything. It is just that everyone here talks sooooooooooooooo fast. I know that we do not speak this fast in the United States haha but I know that it is still just time to accustom myself completely. 

Something that I have really learned since I have been on the mission is to love reading the scriptures. We can honestly find everything we need in there. All we have to do is search the scriptures everyday, and we can find what we need to make it through that day. 

I hope that everyone is well back in the United States and I love you all so much.

Elder Andrews
Fausta's grandson, Raul, was baptized!

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