Saturday, June 27, 2015

4 Mayo, 2015

This was a pretty decent week of work and also of miracles. 

We worked really hard this week and had quite a bit of new investigators, but we did not really find a whole lot of teachings appointments. We spent a lot of time talking to people in this street during the weekend because it was just one of those days. That made me kind of sad because we were not really finding anyone, and I was afraid that we would not bring too many people to church.

We did have some good lessons with the Hernandez Family, and the two daughters are preparing to get baptized this week. The mom will have to wait a while longer to find out what we will do with the whole not being married situation, but I know that she will get baptized as well. She often knows more than some of the recent converts and members in the ward, so she is great. We also finally brought the son Martin to church, who speaks English decently because he lived in the states for a while with his aunt and uncle, and he really liked it. He will be getting baptized at the end of this transfer if he goes to church every week.

The Martinez Family got confirmed at church, and everything is going really well. They are getting fellowshipped really well by the members, so I know they will keep progressing. 

I do not have my scriptures with me right now because we will be going back to the house, but speaking of that, the scriptures are really important. I am so grateful for them because they teach us so many life lessons and important doctrine that we cannot replace them with anything else. I thought a couple weeks ago that they are more interesting to me now because I need them now and they apply to me know, but that was untrue. We can find all the answers that we need in life in the scriptures. Whatever little thing we need will be found there, but we only have to put in the time to search for those small and little things. If we do not, we will never find the answers that God has already given us.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I love you all.

Elder Andrews 

P.S. Everybody say I love you to your mother! Te amo mamá! 

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