Saturday, June 27, 2015

2 March, 2015

Well apparently many wards do not like me because now I am in El Mirador in Chaputapec! It is my first area that is kind of like a pueblo! I already love it, and I can tell that we are going to have a great change. My new companion is named Elder Sanchez from Monterrey, Mexico, and he has two transfers in the mission. He seems to be pretty cool, and I think we are going to have a great change. 

Apparently in this ward the bishop has only been a member for four years and all of the members have a grudge in the ward against him. Their pride is all growing, and lots of people are going inactive. What my main goal of this change is going to be is to help to members of the ward and the bishop get along, so that we can create an atmosphere where the investigators feel at home in the ward. 

This past week I memorized a scripture in Juan 15: 3-5. The message is plain and simple: In order to do anything, we have to remain in Christ. We have to always seek His guidance and ask what he would do if he was in our place. Because to the person that does that, they will be given the power to bring forth a lot of fruit. While this is important as missionaries, it is also important as members. If we are not trying our best to be like Christ, we will never be able to do anything. So my message for this week is that we always try our best to do what Christ would do. He showed us what to do, and we need to follow it as members. By doing that, we will be able to find eternal life. 

Hopefully everyone is doing well at home, and I love you guys.

Elder Andrews

P.S. Yes that is a huge cotton candy. In Mexico it is called algodón. 10 pesos.

"My new amazing scripture cases, and a typical Mexican tiangis"

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