Saturday, June 27, 2015


General Conference weekend was a great experience, and I really loved it. This week started off good, but it was one of the slower weeks here. We had interviews with President, and they went really well. With what he said at the end, I feel like I will be staying here in El Mirador for at least another change. I feel like talking immediately about Conference because nothing real big happened this week. Sorry I do not have quotes and names for what I will talk about because we decided to play soccer almost all day today, but I will prepare something more thought out next week.

The main message that stood out to me this week was about letting other people repent. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are not perfect because we are trying to follow Him. No matter how hard we try, we will always fail. In the Bible the Scribes and Pharisees mock Jesus for eating with the sinners. Jesus says that He came here to save the sinners which He did do with His eternal sacrifice. However, when we judge people, when we think we are better than people, when we decide to forget those that are sinning because we feel to prideful in our own ignorance, we are those Scribes and Pharisees. The one quote I do remember is that "if we do not allow people to repent, we are the hipocrites of the Latter Days." We are here not to just help bring people to repentance, but we are also here to help them THROUGH it. People can change, and they do want to do it. However, they do not know where to find it. We know where it is. Whether we help people that do not know about Christ, are trying to help people from other religions find the truth, or are helping a struggling member to live the Gospel to the fullest, we need to have 2 things: Patience and Humility. We are trying to be like Christ, and for that, we need to allow all to repent.

I love you guys so very much, and I hope that the Conference talks all inspired you to more fully live the Gospel, help others to find it, and to follow Jesus Christ.


Elder Andrews

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