Saturday, June 27, 2015

15 June, 2015

Wow we had a lot of miracles this week here, and it is amazing how much the Lord is willing to give us. We were having kind of a hard week at the start of things, and we were worried about the people that we were going to bring to church on Sunday. It was also ward conference, so we knew that we had to bring people to church. We passed by for some people in the morning, but no one was there. When we got to church, the people that some members were going to bring were not there. However, almost the entire family of a recent convert went to church. It was amazing. There were 6 people there from that family. Later, a family that we had been teaching but could not go to church because the mom was really involved in the elections, went to church. From that, there were 3 people more. We also had 8 less active members come back to church, and brought 9 investigators to church. To say the least, the Lord blessed us extremely this week, and we know have even more people to teach.

Unfortunately, I did forget my scriptures again this week, but I kind of remember the one that I wanted to share. It is in 3 John I think and says something like, "I have no greater joy than hearing that my children walk in the truth." As many parents know, it is the best when their kids are choosing the right. However, the joy of God is even greater when He knows that we are walking in the truth. It is our choice to do so, and if we love our Father in Heaven, we will do it. And as we walk more and more in the light, we will help others to do so as well through our example. Always walk in the light of Christ because any other way will only be in darkness. 

I love you all and hope that as always all is well.

Elder Andrews 

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