Saturday, June 27, 2015

6 Octobre, 2014

This week was a kind of stressful week in the field. Elder Goodrich got a cold which I think I am now getting, and I got food poisoning because I ate at this place with an Ecuadorian on exchanges. Elder Goodrich says to never eat at any place that an American has not already said is okay. It started last Thursday, and I am hoping it ends soon. 

As for our three baptisms this last week, they did not happen. However, it was because of no fault to the investigators. Our bishop, who will never talk to us, told the ward missionary (who also never does anything) that we could not do our baptisms on Sunday. Elder Goodrich says that he never wants to baptize, so that is kind of depressing. However, we are going to do all three of the baptisms next week no matter what.

General Conference was great....from what I understood haha. We were able to watch priesthood session in English which was great. I loved Elder Uchtdorf´s talk ¨Lord, is it I?¨It was really great and needs to be the attitude that we all have in life. 

I also learned how very easy my life was on Sunday. We visited a part member family, and it turned out that their dad had left that morning. Everyone was all sad, and all we could do was read them a few scriptures to strengthen them. Also, we visited another p├árt member family last night who has a son that is a schizophrenic. Both parents were having an extremely hard time lately and it was so sad to see. We gave them all blessings which seemed to help give them a little bit of strength. From this I learned how very lucky that I have it with such a great family back home. I realized how truly grateful for the life that I have, and it is my responsibility to help those that are not as lucky. 

This is my letter for this week, and I hope everyone is doing great!

Elder Andrew

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