Saturday, June 27, 2015

22 Junio, 2015

We had a great week here in El Mirador, and it was quite a blessing with the success that we had. We first of all were able to talk to the husband of a recent convert, and at the end of the lesson he accepted baptism for this upcoming week. His name is Marcelo, and if you could pray for him, that would be great. It was a great lesson though because his wife basically said at the end that she wanted him to get baptized because she wants to be sealed with him in the Temple to live together forever. It was a great spiritual experience. 

We were also able to pass by with the family of a recent convert, and they should be getting baptized the 5th of July, so please pray for Ángeles and Irene. Irene is the wife and her daughter is Ángeles, and they are really great, so we will be helping them to meet that goal. We were also able to talk with the daughter of a member that just got reactivated, and she has been going to church frequently for some time now. And she will also be getting baptized at the end of this transfer in the mission. We had a good week. The ward also continued strong this week with over 100 people at church. 

As we all know, this past Sunday was Father´s Day, so I would like to share a little bit about how important fathers are in our lives. First of all, our fathers are always praying for us, and this can have a grand change in our lives. This made Alma change from a super bad kid to one of the best missionaries ever because it says in Mosiah 27:14 that "he had prayed with much faith so that he was brought to the truth." And our fathers do not just pray for us every once in a while, but always as it says in Moroni 8:2-3 that, "I always have you present in my prayers, pleading without fail to God the Father, in the name of His Holy Son Jesus Christ, that by his infinite goodness and grace that he convserves you in the faith in his name until the end."

 Our fathers love us.  We always need to know that because for that love, they are sometimes hard on us. My dad was hard on me, and I hated it haha. I did not know why he had to be so hard on me and expect so much. However in Proverbs 3:11 and 12 it says, "Do not reject my son, the discipline of the Lord, neither get tired of His corrections because the Lord corrects the one that He loves, like the father does to him that He loves." I realized a long time ago that what my dad did for me was the best thing he could do. And he had reason to do it because, "I knew that my father was a just man because he instructed me in his language and also raised my in discipline and warning of the Lord, and blesed be the named of my God for that. My dad could correct me because he was doing it for my own good, and because he had the right to do it because he is a good man and follows the Gospel.

 Everything that I do, and everything that I know is thanks to him and my mom. Because it says in John 5:19 and 20 that, "The Son cannot do anything by himself, only what he sees the Father do; because everything that the Father does, will also do the Son of the same way. Because the Father loves the son and shows him all the things that He does. And greater works than these He will show him." 

I am extremely greatful for my dad and for all that he has done for me. I would not replace him for the world, and I strive to be like him as much as I can. We need to learn from the examples that our fathers place for us, so that we one day can be as great as them. And as we do that, we will live how our Father in Heaven desires. Happy Father´s Day Dad! Te amo.

I love you all and hope you forgive my scripture translations because I only carry spanish ones haha! Have a great week.

Elder Andrews
The zone.

Mexican nights.

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