Saturday, June 27, 2015

15 Deciembre, 2014: 3 MONTHS IN MEXICO!!!

I really do love my new area of Jalalpa in the stake of Tacubaya in Distrito Federal. The members here are absolutely amazing and are always willing to help us out. Apparently the Elders before us were super apostate and never did anything, but that was because they were both finishing their two years. However, that is no excuse! You need to work hard for the whole two years! 

My old area in Camarones was really flat and the streets were super organized, but here there is one flat street and everything else is just slopes. I feel bad for the old people here because I can barely get around. This area is also a lot nicer and has some views because there are actually trees here! It is not just a bunch of buildings like my first area which is a nice change. I will send some pictures of some scenery next week. 

Since we are both new to the area here, we spent the first week getting to know the members and visiting less actives. We have already found some people that have the potential to get baptized, and we there are also a ton of kids here who have more than 8 years (wow thanks spanish) but have not been baptized. So, we are going to work with them. 

This week we baptized a girl named Alison. She has been a member her whole life, but her baptismal form and membership record was lost, so the previous Elders had to baptize her again. However, we found out this week that her brother baptized her the week before, but he is a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood which means it was invalid! So, we had to baptize her a third time. She is super clean of sin now haha

My companion Elder Martinez is from Chihuahua, Mexico and has been in the mission for 5 months. He knows fluent English but we always speak in Spanish. He is a really good teacher, and I am learning a lot from him every day. I am hoping that by the end of this change, my spanish will be good enough to train a newbie! 

Hope all is well in the States, and I love each and every one of you guys so very much.

Elder Andrews

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