Saturday, June 27, 2015

11 Mayo, 2015: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Well this was one of the slower weeks that we have had here, but we have actually had some success with finding families that were investigating the church but stopped and for another reason want to investigate again. We have also been looking for less active members to bring them back to church which also leads to finding new people to teach as well, so we are looking to have some new finds this week.

It was also great to talk to the family this week and see how they were doing. This Mother's Day reminded me again of how important my family is to me. We need to value our families more than anything because we enter with them in this world and will live with them after if we follow the Gospel how Jesus Christ taught. However, we need to have the right Gospel in our life to have the truth. We hear every day from people how all the churches are true and that we are all going to go back to the same God. That is true, but I do not want to just go back to meet Him but rather stay with Him. In 1 Corinthians 9:24 it says (I am translating so bear with me), "Do you not know that those that run in the stadium, all run to the truth, but one one will take the reward? Run in such a way that you obtain it." As we try to run to God, all the churches are trying to reach Him, but only one church will. We know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that church that will win the reward. For that, we all need to take part in this run with our families to make sure that we can win the reward. And this reward is eternal life with the ones we love.

I hope that all are still doing well and showing their aprreciation for their moms as much as they can because they are the best!

Elder Andrews
"The pic is of the past BYU students and the future BYU students.
 We have like 11 in a zone of 18."
"we also found some puppies in the street"

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