Saturday, June 27, 2015

9 Marzo, 2015

I am really glad to finally be out of the huge city to say the least. I really do love this area. You can actually see the stars out here at night, and there is not as much polution. However, you can still see a ton of it when you look at the city. Really am loving this area so far. 

The first week with Elder Sánchez went well, and we are focusing a lot on getting the least active people to church. There are a lot of them in this ward, and there are beginning to be more and more because of problems with the bishop. What do we learn from this? We need to be self sufficent in our own testimony, and we need to trust in the Lord and not in the people in church. So we are really working with them, and there are a few people that can get baptized right away here. We are going to start with them, and then we will be filling our area full of new families that can go to church. 

A scripture that I really liked this week was in Acts 5:41-42. After having been persecuted the apostles were glad for having been "found worthy to suffer for the Name." Sorry if that translation is bad, but I only know the scripture in Spanish haha. However, after doing that, they did not cease to teach. As members of the Church, we are not persecuted in the way that they were. Despite this, we need to be willing to go through whatever the Lord has planned for us. Jesus suffered and so must we because the servant is not greater than his master as we read in John 15. The opportunity that we have to share the Gospel is great, and we should feel grateful for the opportunity that we have to give others what we have. Like a disciple of Christ did not think Saul was worth visiting because of his history, sometimes we too feel like we can make a difference. However, in Acts 9:15-16. we read that Saul was chosen because he was a "chosen instrument to bring the name of Christ to gentiles, kings and the sons of Israel." I believe that we are all "chosen instruments", and we only need to realize our potential. And after we realize that, the Lord will decide how much suffering is neccesary in order to bring His name to everyone.

I hope everyone is doing great, and I love you all very much. Know that God is always with you when we are chosing the right, serving others, and spreading Christ's name to all those that we meet.

Love you all a ton,

Elder Andrews

Beautiful scenery of Mexico City.

Pineapple Chili freeze. How does that go together?
 "It does not when you get to Mexico. After 7 months it does haha"

The lavandería is a rip off so they are "doing the hard work now" 
and washing their own clothes by hand.

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