Saturday, June 27, 2015

26 Enero, 2015

So far, I am really liking it in this new area; however, we do have a lot of work to do because there are not many possible baptisms. We are doing a lot of work with inactives though because there are a lot. If we think there a lot of inactive people where we live, there are a lot more here. And we all know that I do not like to focus on baptisms, so I want to focus on helping those that have already taken upon them the name of Christ so that they can make it to where they wanted to be when they got baptized. Sorry that was a really run on sentence, but oh well haha

We do have a family of 4 right now,  Los Hernandez Vega, that is looking really good, and they are quite Christian. They do love the Book of Mormon though and say it is a lot easier to understand than the Bible (also by the way, the Bible is almost easier to understand in Spanish than in English because the wording is not as complicated). The only problem is that sometimes both the parents work on Sunday, so we will help them through that problem. 

I am really taking a bigger part in the work now since my companion is American. He speaks decent spanish and although he is district leader, I am really teaching a lot. I like it, and I am really helping him to be more excited for the work. Elder Martinez really helped me learn how to teach and contact in the street with a lot of energy, so that is what I am trying to do right now. 

My message for the week is about the Bible. I have really started to love reading the Bible and learning about all that Jesus Christ did. What we really need to learn how to do, is teach and love the people like Christ did. I did not realize before how many times it says in the Bible that "Jesus had compassion on them" and later healed the people of the multitude. We need to have this compassion towards each one of our fellow men because they are literally our brothers and sisters. And in Mark, when Jesus was teaching the rich man who obeyed all the commandments, it says, before he told him to sell everything, that Christ, "le amó." Christ looked at him and it says that he loved him. Before we help other people, we first need to love them because from there, we will be searching for the best way to help and teach them. We need to do this with our brothers and sisters here on the earth.

I hope everyone is doing great as always, and I love you all,

Elder Andrews

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