Saturday, June 27, 2015

3 Noviembre, 2014

Well this week was the toughest one that I have had yet in the mission. After the area division, our side of the area is dead so we have to do a lot of finding. It is a little rough at times, but I have faith that we will find many new people to bring into the fold. 

Elder PiƱeyro is a great Elder and has been out here for 20 months! He is a missionary from the old president but is really nice and relaxed most of the time. He actually knows quite a bit of english, but we speak in Spanish all the time which will really help out my spanish skills. Really the hardest part is being able to understand the accent. With Elder Goodrich I could always understand what he was saying because he spoke clearly. People here are very hard to understand at times and especially since there are a ton of sayings that I still do not know yet. I have faith though that my spanish will continue to improve especially with a spanish speaking companion. We communicate well for the most part.

So the assistants to the President baptized 3 of the investigators that Elder Goodrich and I taught. I actually baptized one of them but did not bring my camera because I did not know that I was going to do it. It was a family of three and went really well. 

As far as my area, we have 2 baptismal dates for this upcoming week, but they seem a little bit shaky. We will be helping them out a lot though. We have a few other people that we are going to put baptismal dates with also, but the hard part for a lot of investigators is getting up for church! It is early at 8, but still, you need to go to church! After the mission, I will never complain about 9 o´ clock church ever again. Late church though is a blessing in the mission because you can study your 3 hours in the morning, and then have 3 more hours of church! 

I am doing well in the mission so far, and the language is steadily improving. I love helping the people here find their way back to Heavenly Father which is more important than anything else that they could be doing right now. I could not be doing anything more important right now either. Try to be a missionary in every way you can! 

Elder Andrews

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