Saturday, June 27, 2015

16 Marzo, 2015

Well this was a really exhausting, busy, but successful week. 

Exhausting: This week, we were being pressured a lot to have good numbers and people at church by the zone leaders. They were calling me like twice a day to check numbers which has never happened in the mission yet. However, I was just thinking they were trying to beat other zones in numbers. Until on Saturday, I saw on the phone that AP 1 was calling me and I freaked out. Because if an assistant calls you it is for two reasons: 1. We are going to have emergency transfers or 2. I am in trouble (which every missionary thinks when an AP calls.) However, I found out that mission wide the APs were calling every companionship to check how many people were going to go to church. So it was a pretty crazy week. And of course in Spanish as missionaries we cannot talk in the tú (you form) because it is informal however completely normal. At the end of the call, I of course say to the assistant absentmindely "Te amo mi amigo" and I hung up. It was all good when he sent back a text saying "Te amo también mi se preocupe. hahaha" So for that it was an exhuasting week. 

Busy: Basically has to do with the exhuasting but we were running all over the place to find people to bring to church, and we were normally getting home late which throws everyhing off. However, the week went by super fast, so I hope all weeks are like this.

Successful: Although we only had a family of 4 (The Martinez Torres Family) with two kids under 8, it was a successful week. We are finally starting to get the members to work which is really the key in missionary work. In my past ward the members were not working, and we did not have success. In this ward, I am going to force them to do it. Really missionary work may start with the missionaries, but Salvation is only found with help from the members. hard as members!

A scripture that I really liked this week is found in 3 Nephi 5:13. To start off, as missionaries we may be set apart to be missionaries, but I believe that everyone is called to declare the word. However, we need to have the end in mind that these people reach eternal life. Many missionaries want numbers, and I know every number is a soul. However, the number means nothing if they are not at the right hand of God with us. The work will have been in vain. Despite this, I know that each and every person that is baptized can make it to eternal life because that is the reason that God sent us here. I know that we are in the only church that has the entirety of that plan, and we only need to help our brothers and sisters in this world find themselves in that path. The path to eternal life becomes straighter and narrower making it more difficult to follow, but if we hold tight to the word of God, we will all be participating of the fruit of the tree of life, eternal life. 

I love each and every one of you, and I hope you have a great week! Share the Gospel with as many people as you can because seeing them in the Celestial Kingdom will make it all worth it.

Elder Andrews

P.S. Finally found nature

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