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24 Noviembre, 2014

This week went well! We had a baptism! His name is Christian and was the one that we were trying to baptize for a while. However, his mom never wanted to sign the cedula but looks like that changed. We also had the confirmation of the lady Fausta who is going to be a great member of the ward. 

We are still working with the grandson of Fausta, Raul. Elder PiƱeyro and I had a powerful lesson with them where the Spirit basically made an almost atheist believe in God. I know that if we bring the Spirit into every lesson like this, we can do anything. A lot of times in the crowded world of Mexico, it is hard to feel the Spirit or atleast hear it when it tells you something, but I know that in any place, we can feel the Spirit if we try hard enough. 

The Spanish is going better now, but there are still times when I have no idea what people say. However, I know that in a few months, this will eventually begin to cease until it is nothing. I just have to work really hard these months to learn the language and the doctrine so that I can help others learn what they need to. 

I did not get hit by anything this week (knock on wood), and I am hoping that we continue to work in safety. I am so grateful for the help that the Lord provides us, and I know that if we are doing our best to preach the Gospel, he can help us in every situation. 

One thing that my companion told me this week was about the members of the church. He was reading the Miracle of Forgiveness by President Kimball and it had an interesting line it that went a little like the following: Many members in the church are fulfilling with the commandments and making sure that they try their hardest to not sin. However, the lack an important thing. They are doing nothing to secure their salvation. An important way we can help secure our salvation is by making sure that we help others to get there as well. I know that I talk a lot about missionary work because I am currently in the mission, but I know that we need to all try our best to bring Salvation to others. Because like Christ said, "He who loses his life for me, will find it." That is not a direct quote, but He said something like that. I can promise to you all, that if we lose our life in the work of Salvation for others, we will find our Salvation and exaltation as well. 

Love you all,

Elder Andrews
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Christian was baptized!!!! 

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