Saturday, June 27, 2015

13 Abril, 2015

Well this was another great week in El Mirador in the Stake Chapultepec! We really had some great success this week finding new people and had 5 new people in church along with another family. We have been teaching lessons, finding a lot, and have been learning how to teach better. President actually left both of us here this change, and I am really grateful for it. Elder Sánchez is really helping get my spanish to becoming great, and I am grateful for it. We have a few people that we will be looking to getting baptized. Their names are Guadalupe Juarez and Marcelo, so I will let you know what happens next Monday!

Right now I have a little bit more thought out message about some of the talks in General Conference. Beginning with the talk by Ulisses Socres (I think), he talked about how the adversary really only has power over us if we let him, and that what we can justify sin when we fall. This is entirely true because just as we have to let Christ in (remember the picture of Him knocking with no door handle) we also have to let Satan in too. Although Satan will knock much harder and much more often, we have to decide to let Christ in and never do anything that causes Him to leave.

In the talk of Larry M. Gibson, we learn that we need to be good fathers because the son can only do things that he sees his father do. Just like this, we all need to be good examples to our fellow men. If they see us let Christ in our door and see our joy and happiness when we have Christ in our lives, they will let Him in as well. And just as Larry M. Gibson said, "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words." Our actions of letting Christ in and living the Gospel will always speak louder than words. 

And just as the picture of new agenda below, we need to hold onto the bar after we let Christ in as Kevin W. Pearson said. We cannot let ourselves be fooled by the constant knocks that might sound pleasing to our ears but are really there to fool us. We know how the "knock" of Jesus Christ sounds, and we need to hear it. Because after choosing the right path, we are "part of the house of Israel" and we need to constantly choose the right and repent every day.

When we recognize the knock of the Savior, open the door for Him (which really is opening the doors of the Heavens for ourselves, and preach the Gospel, we will be clinging to the word of God and never let go. If we do that we will be so firm that "nothing will apart us from the word of God" (Romans 8:38-39; look it up because I probably translated it bad). That should be the goal of our lives, and I know that if we do these steps, we will find ourselves "at the right hand of God."

I love you all very much, and I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Andrews

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