Saturday, June 27, 2015

10 Noviembre, 2014

This week was a lot better than the last one, and we had a baptism also! So that was cool. Her name is Fausta Garcia. She used to be Catholic, but obviously now she is a member. Her grandson, Raul, does not believe in God but has been coming to church with her, so I hope things will turn out for him. 

We were supposed to have another baptism this week with this young kid named Christian, but for some reason his mom (not a member) will not sign the baptismal form for his baptism. Last week everything seemed fine with his mom, so I have no idea what happened. We will be visiting his mom to see if we can get her signature because Christian was really upset when he found out that he could not be baptized. We are praying a lot for him right now.

Other than that, this week included a lot of finding which makes a lot of the days long, especially when you are trying hard to learn the language and understand everybody. However, I know that we will find more people to teach as we continue to diligently seek others. 

What other interesting things happened this week...oh Elder Puerto, the President´s assistant, gave me a nickname: BautizAndrews (bautizar = to baptize). You could say that I like it for the most part. But a huge part of what we need to focus on as a missionary and as a church is making sure people reach salvation. This is far more important.

We actually had the chance to have a conference with one of the seventy Elder Ortiz and his wife. Something that he said which pleased me was that as missionaries, we are not here to be supported by the members in missionary work. We are here to support the members in the work. The work may start with the missionaries, but Salvation is obtained through the members. As members we need to realize the importance of our calling to do missionary work without the nametag. I know this is something that I could have done better before my mission, but something I will definitely be doing after my mission ends. I love you guys, and I hope that all is well in the US. 


Elder Andrews

Fausta Garcia and her grandson with Elder Andrews and Pinyero

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