Saturday, June 27, 2015

27 Octobre, 2014

Well this week was quite a crazy one. 

We first started off by looking for a house last p-day which kind of was a drag, but we ended up finding one for the new area which is just the other half of our former area. Entonces, my area is half its size now. This caused us to have a lot less time to work, but I guess that just happens at time. 

Bad thing of the week: So our baptism this week could not get baptized because get this, her marriage is invalid. When her and her husband married, he married her under a fake name for who knows why, so she cannot be baptized until they get that figured out. However, she is now not in my area, so that is kind of a downer. 

Highlight of the week: A guy named Miguel Angel who Elder Goodrich had been teaching for 6 months, finally got baptized. We finally got the date of him when Elder Barton, our zone leader, came here on an intercambio. We had a lesson with him, and Elder Barton started off by saying that our purpose is to baptize you this week. Elder Barton was coming down hard on this guy when I started to bear my testimony. I just said, you know it is true, so do it now. There is no reason to wait. If you wait, Satan is going to work on you until you do not do it. You need to be ready, but I know you are. He then said that he would get baptized. It was a great experience, and I felt the Spirit so strongly. It was amazing. 

Other than that, we just had a change. Elder Goodrich left, and I received Elder Piñyero from Uruguay. I should be learning Spanish a lot faster now since everything is Spanish, but I have already seen a great improvement to my language skills. I still need to work on them a lot though. 

I am so grateful for this Gospel, and I know more and more everyday that it is true. I am so glad that I decided to go on a mission, and I hit 3 months in about 10 days! Almost 1/8 of the way there! Not counting down already though. 

Love you all,

Elder Andrews

Miguel Angel was baptized this weekend! 
Elder Goodrich filling the baptismal font.

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