Saturday, June 27, 2015

23 Febrero, 2015

Love the Mission! Although we are having a difficult time here finding new people to teach, the mission is still a great experience every day. Would not trade it for anything.

We are still working hard with the Hernandez Vega family and trying to help them to baptism. We are really focusing on authority since they were recently baptized in the Christian church and do not want to be changing religions since it is not a game. I totally agree with them, and I really want them to have a firm testimony of the church before baptism because many really do not and just get baptized for the missionaries. It happens a lot. People only need to get baptized for one reason. And that is themselves. Why themselves? Because they want to be saved. Because they want to follow Christ. Because they want to be with their family forever. When you are truly converted, you are in the church for yourself and because you want to do what you know is right. After true conversion, the blessings come not only upon you but upon others as well. 

We also found a new family when we did special interchanges with my dad in the mission, Elder Goodrich. He saw a guy with dreads, so he was like, "I want to contact a guy with dreads." Little did we know that he has a wife and two kids. And in the first lesson, he said, "I have just not really ever found a church where I have felt how I think I should feel in the real church." So we are looking forward to teaching him. God works in mysterious ways haha.

A scripture that I really liked this week is when Jesus is talking to the pharisees and they ask why they "cannot follow him to where he is going." I only remember the scripture in spanish so I will translate it as best I can after. But Jesus responds to them in John 8:23, "Y les dijo: Vosotros sois de abajo; yo soy de arriba; vosotros sois de este mundo; yo no soy de este mundo." Which is something like, "And he said unto them: you are from below; I am from above; you are from this world; I am not from this world." However what I want to point out from this is that we cannot be from this world. We need to be from a higher world. Although we do live here, and it is a requirement to live here to be "from above", we need to follow Christ as much as we can. Jesus Christ did not teach us how to live in this world. He taught us how we will live in Heaven. However, if we cannot accomplish living here how we will live in Heaven, we will always be from this earthly world. To count ourselves as a disciple as Christ, we need to do now what we will be doing forever with God. 

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only way we can live with our families forever and is the only true church in the world that can promise us eternal life. I hope that everyone is doing well, and que les vaya bien. 

Elder Andrews

Zone Meeting

Playing at the park

The wonderful Gorditas from the Gordita Lady.

Elder McCrory had a box of cake mix so an hermana made the cupcakes for them.

El mercado.

Just a little home decor.

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