Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 Enero, 2015

This week was kind of a hard one as everyone is either not home or too busy to talk to us, but this following week, we should see some success as our investigators are coming back home, and we are going to be marrying a couple so that the 22 year old guy can be baptized. Other than that, a 10 year old should be getting home from vacation this week, and we found another girl that is 17 that can also be baptized. Her mom is inactive and when we went to visit her, her mom told us that her whole family was baptized. Turns out that her kids were baptized into the Catholic church and only she was baptized into the Church. So, we will see how that works out.

We spent the new year in the church in Mixcoac again with the whole zone of missionaries. We played a lot of basketball, which made me exhausted, but it was fun to get out there and play again. Except our zone leader at the very end kind of twisted his ankle bad, so he had to sit out a couple days after. We gave him a blessing and it was all good.

Also, having a birthday is the weirdest thing in the world when you are in the mission. It does not feel like your birthday, but I was still really glad to get out there and keep working. Although, Sister Whitehead did call me on the phone and everyone in the offices sang me Happy Birthday, so there it felt a little like my birthday. And thank you to everyone that gave me a birthday wish email!

This week, Elder Martinez and I saw the power of a blessing. A member of the Angeles Family has a problem with his spinal column at times, but we did not know this when we stopped by their house. We were talking with the mom of the whole family (like 3 sets of the kids and their spouses live with the parents of the whole family) when we heard that the son, who is about 25, had been in pain because of the pain. We went up and gave him a blessing, and it went well. In Sunday, he gave his testimony and was doing a lot better. He says that when the pain usually happens, he cannot move around for a couple weeks, but he was walking around and went to church and everything. Although that it may seem that something like this is small, God works in simple ways, and we need to all know the power that God has in helping us through our lives. 

I hope everyone started out this New Year well, and I hope that you have a great new year this year!

Elder Andrews
Elder Martinez posing for a panoramic pic of the valley.

Elder Martinez posing with the lovely trash.

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