Wednesday, August 5, 2015

¡Dos Milagros! 27 Julio, 2015

This week was a really frustrating but regarding week. We had had a lot of families that were going to go to church, but Satan worked hard to not make them go. My companion and I were pretty dissapointed, and then the baptism planned for this week had to leave town. However, we prayed to find a miracle family to bring to church or a baptism. 

We went to church on Sunday when all of the sudden we saw a few people that we did not recognize. I talked with the dad and everything was good when he said, "hey what do I need to do to get my daughter baptized?" I said that we would just have to teach her and they could get baptized. He then says that he is not a member because he has not been able to get married to his "wife" yet, but the daughter had gone to church in another ward for a while. We then go to meet the daughter and we ask, "Would you like to get baptized today maybe?" She gave a big yes haha and we taught her what she needed to know and already knew a lot when the dad says, "hey can you baptize my other daughter who is 11 too?" Shocked, we just kind of shouted, "¡Claro que sí!" (of course!)

It was a great little baptismal service and from this, I have learned that specific prayers and faith can really work miracles. If we pray with a purpose, we will receive answers. And as we have faith, we can see the miracles happen in our lives as well. 

I hope everyone is doing great, and always keep the faith. It can do anything.

Elder Andrews 

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